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  1. Mr.Calli has helped hundreds of addicts and their families reclaim their lives. I’m so glad I’m one of them. I had received various treatments prior to working with Mr. Calli. The individualized intensive comprehensive, made the difference. Mr. Calli did not leave a stone unturned.

  2. We had been to other counselors and didn’t quite feel the fit. Mr. Calli put us at ease, was non-judgemental and knowledgeable, and most importantly, we saw results​. While highly trained and professional, Mr. Calli comes from a real-life perspective and offers insight into our problems. He really helped us to think and behave differently toward one another. We are eternally grateful.

  3. My daughter’s anxiety was out of control. She was having panic attacks and not wanting to go anywhere for fear of losing control. Jeff’s treatment helped her to understand she was not going crazy and that she was not alone. The cognitive techniques which he taught and the compassion for her situation made all the difference. Thank You, Mr. Calli

  4. Our son had been drinking for ten years daily. He knew he had a problem, and his life was at stake, but he couldn’t stop. Jeff always says I don’t save anyone’s life, they do, but if it wasn’t for his years of alcoholism and addiction experience, we don’t know if our son would still be with us. Two years later, sober and getting healthier every day.

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